About Karissa

What to expect in a crossed loved one reading...

Unlike many mediums Karissa doesn’t want to know who you want to connect to or anything about them she just opens the door to the other side and connects to their energy. YOUR LOVED ONES WILL COME THROUGH AND PETS COME THROUGH AS WELL. Karissa picks up how a person died, their relationship to you, memories and things they would only know.

Who am I...

Karissa Hartley is a psychic medium and paranormal investigator. After two near death experiences she traveled the country for three years investigating the unknown, strange, and taboo, she now is a stay at home psychic wife.. She has been written about in several magazines, news papers, and has been featured on news programs including fox news Seattle. She has been heard on countless radio shows and podcasts including coast to coast am, and sports talk radio Philadelphia.

What I Do...

Karissa is a medical medium meaning she picks up the health elements of those that have passed. She's also gifted with tarot cards. She has thousands of clients world wide who come to her to seeking answers about their lives or talk to a crossed over loved one.



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Saturday, December 15th

Coast to Coast With Connie Willis

1 am EST

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Saturday, December 15th

Coast to Coast With Connie Willis

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By Appointment Only  •  $45 per half hour / $70 per hour

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