Paranormal Work

Working With My Husband...

Along with Bill, I'm also a paranormal investigator. After almost dying twice in a short span of time that's when she decided to quit her 9-5 job, drop out of school, and travel the country in the search of proof of an afterlife. I've been all over the U.S. documenting claims of the paranormal, the strange, and the taboo. 

I've been involved in some of the most talked about modern cases, and am known for moving in with the families for an extended period of time to document the haunting 24/7. My work has been featured in several books and I have been a guest investagor on serval popular web-series. 

My work has gone viral world wide twice with her piece on Fox News gaining millions of views. I've been wrote about in several magazines and newspapers across the world for my research of the unknown. I've been asked to come into some of the most infamous locations and haunted venues all over the country to stay for an extended period of time to further my research. 

I have been a guest on over 300 radio shows and internet podcasts including sports talk radio, and coast to coast am. I am co-founder of Survivors of the Dark a team I founded with Tony and Debra Pickman (the sallie house haunting).

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Featured in Book - "The Bothell Hell House: Poltergeist of Washington State"

Yes, this house was featured on Travel Channels Ghost Adventures episode titled “Demons in Seattle.” The episode where Zak Bagans and crew left empty-handed. Why did they leave empty-handed? How does one investigate a malevolent haunting? Those questions and more are finally getting answered. Prepare yourself for an interactive journey.

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