"Thank you so much Karissa for the Amazing reading! It was truly a surreal experience. I finally felt completely understood by someone... She gave me very exciting news and it happened two days later. I'm so grateful for your time and I look forward to talking with you in the future."

                                                                -- Kevin Gill --

• • •

"I know I haven't had my reading from you in months, but I wanted to say thank you. I'm sure with so many readings, you probably don't remember this reading and I have been meaning to write you sooner to say thank you. You brought me something that I haven't been able to have have since my brother's passing and that is: Peace. I am at peace with it. It helps to know that I can talk to him and I know he is listening and you helped confirm that he is always with me. Your reading was not like any I had before and I sincerely appreciate it."

                                                                 -- Anonymous --

• • •

"Today my reading with Karissa was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. If you're in a place where you think that a push in the right direction might be all you need to make the changes and have exactly what you want - book a reading with Karissa. In all aspects of my life, she kept it 100 with me, and her honesty and genuine feelings of compassion really made all the difference. If you've been on the fence about booking a reading before - do it. Take the plunge, you won't regret it."

                                                                -- Jos Ann --

• • •

"You are so amazing! I am so thankful that there are people like you that do what you do. The gift you gave me today will help me to heal so much better. You were spot on with everything and my heart feels so much lighter because of it. You have given me everything I needed today and I will always be so grateful for your generosity. I see a lot more readings in my future lol. Thank You."

                                                                --  Tina Bennett --

• • •

"Had a general reading with this amazing woman named Karissa Hartley this afternoon!!!  OMG she is awesome. She brought up a few things that no one else knows and a couple of things even I was surprised at but suspected. Now I have a clear path of action and a better understanding of myself and my gifts. Thank you so much Karissa!! I feel lighter already. Actually went out barefoot afterwards. Feeling a little calmer, too."

                                                                -- Jackie L McCord --


"Hi Karissa! Thanks so much for the fascinating reading this afternoon! I called my bestie and just by reading my notes to her, she was immediately able to identify each of my family members who came through! Great job!"

                                                                -- Barbara Ellefson --

• • • 

"Karissa has done many readings for me over the years. Every reading has been on point. I had a reading about a month and a half ago, regarding my health. Karissa was 100% on point with what was going on with me, and the course of treatments I need to take. She is such a talent, an amazing friend and great person to be around. Her energy is amazing. If you are considering going to a psychic and having a reading done, go to Karissa. You will not be disappointed!!!!"

                                                                -- Morgan Harrar --

• • • 

"I know some of my friends are skeptics of psychics and I understand that many may not believe, BUT let me tell you I just had one of the best readings of my life. She connected with the love of my life and I was finally able to get some closure. Her name is Karissa Hartley and she has managed to make my whole day wonderful. She said something at the end of the reading that sealed how real this wonder woman is...  she talked about Bills Clowns... Karissa this is a piece of art done by Bill, his specialty was clowns. I have this tattooed on my right arm!! Thank you, you are a beautiful person and I am glad to call you my friend! God Bless you and your wonderful gifts!"

                                                                -- Sandra DeLong

 • • 

"Just another amazing reading with Karissa! Everyone came through ... including the cat."

                                                                -- Kelly Waltrip Coulter

 • •

"I'm sitting here trying to process it all. Karissa is def worth it. She hit things right off the bat. TY so much for shakin me up and giving me closure. I kno it's what I needed to make it thru."

                                                                -- Melissa J. Stark

 • • 

"Karissa is always dead on. Love getting reading from her. She is wonderful and has been right each time I have a reading."

                                                                -- Tonya Farley

 • •

"Karissa, You are indeed an angel with a gift. Thank you for an Amazing reading today. As I told you, I've never been able to find anybody that could really read me. But YOU were so on point throughout the reading I couldn't be happier. I'm so grateful we met but more importantly that you connected to, met, and relayed the perfect messages to me from my family... I hope you enjoyed them. :)   I highly recommend Karissa to anyone who may be interested in a reading. She's number one in my book.  P.S. I am happy you continue to feel better. Sending you White Light, Angel Wing Hugs, and Many more Cardinals... and cheeseburgers. Thank you again."

                                                                -- Pamela Duff-Richards

 • •